Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Free Writing

I think blogs are a waste of time! A lot of people just write about whats going on in their lives andpersonally I really don't care about what other people are doing all day, or what went wrong with their lives. There's enough going on on the atmosphere around me that I have enough little things to occupy my life besides random unneccesary things. The movie was interesting though it was cool how she found somethihg to fufill the extra time she had, and finally finish something since she never finished anything. I like how they related to real things considering that there is people who actually get fired for the things that they post to their blogs. I never really undestood why people get such a kick out of postig their lives for any and everyone to comment on.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Social Media Free Writing

In this video I thouhgt it was crazy that it took the radio 38 years to get 50 billon users and it took facebook 9 months. Also how the newspapers aren't as popular. all of the technology thats coming out is affecting us in odd ways like the amount of time people used to spend doing other things is now consumed by using their phones, computers or even just updating their status's on facebook, and twitter. In the video it showed how 24% of amazons sales are on the electronic book thats like 1/4 of all of their sales not just books all of the other things they offer as well. The amount of money that is being apent to keep up with current technologies is increasing a lot. It seems like whenever something new comes out and its the new thing theres always something better thats going to come out not too long after. One of the leading manufacturs of new products or improved products is apple, they release a new product in what seems like every 3 months. The game systems that are coming out with new games and new devices to go with them are constantly trying to have the newest things.